Woman Gets Her Hands on This Dirty Old Cooler and Transforms It.

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We all have extra things that we do not need taking up space in the house. Most of this junk, we take them to the garage. However, everyone has a garage; it becomes a headache getting rid of this stuff. We can restore some things when we use creativity and make them reusable. This is the story of Sharon Ryder who transformed a dirty old cooler using her creative juices.

It was some time in summer, and Sharon’s roommate had just moved out. Therefore, she had nobody to help in clearing out her garage. Sharon decided to embark on a new project. She spotted a dirty old cooler that she had once used some years ago and decided it had not outlived its usefulness.


The mystery behind the dirty old cooler

Having decided not sort out stuff she did not need, she found some friends nearby to help her with the project. Here is what she discovered; she could use less than $50 to restore the cooler. This would sound absurd to anyone as such repairs cost. However, Sharon decided to prove this possible.