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Woman Gets Her Hands on This Dirty Old Cooler and Transforms It.


Woman Gets Her Hands on This Dirty Old Cooler and Transforms It.


We all have extra things that we do not need taking up space in the house. Most of this junk, we take them to the garage. However, everyone has a garage; it becomes a headache getting rid of this stuff. We can restore some things when we use creativity and make them reusable. This is the story of Sharon Ryder who transformed a dirty old cooler using her creative juices.

It was some time in summer, and Sharon’s roommate had just moved out. Therefore, she had nobody to help in clearing out her garage. Sharon decided to embark on a new project. She spotted a dirty old cooler that she had once used some years ago and decided it had not outlived its usefulness.

The mystery behind the dirty old cooler

Having decided not sort out stuff she did not need, she found some friends nearby to help her with the project. Here is what she discovered; she could use less than $50 to restore the cooler. This would sound absurd to anyone as such repairs cost. However, Sharon decided to prove this possible.

Counter level height using scrap wood

To bring the cooler up to counter level for more comfortable reach, she built a frame that was 30 inches from the floor. She made use of scrap wood to ensure that she saved some money while restoring the old cooler. The idea was to make the cooler keep the contents cool for longer hours.

She had the idea that for the cooler to hold the contents firmly, it was imperative that the cooler fit into the frame snugly.

Exterior cover

To create an exterior cover around the frame, Sharon and her friends used some reclaimed wood panels. This would be essential in ensuring that the cooler snugly fit into the frame. The reclaimed used wood panels used by the team were made longer to ensure that the framework was stable. Sharon being a hygiene enthusiast also did so to ensure the contents kept in the cooler would always be protected from the element. This was an ingenious move by the project manager.

The next step after refreshments

After some refreshments, Sharon decided that it was time to consider the mobility of the restored cooler. Therefore, one of her friends drilled some holes that were previously aligned to the cooler’s spigot.  Thus, she could use the holes to either create some permanent stand for the restored cooler. Besides, she could always move the cooler from one place to the other when looking for a cool spot around her compound during the summer.


As is expected, any woman does love some beautiful finish. Therefore, Sharon used more reclaimed wood to create an aesthetic finish to the restored cooler. Considering that details are everything to any project, Sharon had to ensure that the project her team embarked on had the perfect finish. This led to the following steps for the team who were now perspiring due to their efforts and wary that the project leader had more ideas.

Replacing the original cooler’s lid with a custom build lid

This was necessary to ensure that contents of the cooler will always remain fresh. Besides, Sharon ensured that her team secured and restored the functional integrity of the cooler. This meant making the cooler fit well.

After that, the team decided that the new frame needed more support. Therefore, they used the remainder of the trim wood to cover the legs. Further to providing a uniform look for the frame that holds the restored cooler, this would provide more significant support for the upper frame and the load that the cooler carried.

The new lid needed some two simple hinges to ensure that it was always in place. All Sharon were necessary to do while using the restored cooler was to open and close. When the hinges were affixed together, they fit perfectly.

Sharon’s team used the spigot fixture to add a bottle opener that was stylish on the side.

The restored cooler includes;

  • A snugly fit wooden frame for the old cooler.
  • A uniform frame that provides for the aesthetics that Sharon required.
  • Fixtures such as a tap on the side to drain the melted ice.
  • Additional fixtures such as an opener for the beverages taken while enjoying the summer outdoors.

Finally, Sharon and her team managed to complete the project using a budget of less than $30. This type of restoration for a cooler can be done in many other different ways. However, the story of Sharon and her team is one that is an inspiration to many. She did all these using the following,

  • Drilling tools
  • Hammers
  • Reclaimed wood

A tap and an opener on the side
Therefore, you can use such materials to restore that cooler just as Sharon and her team managed. All you need is motivation and creativity. Sharon and her team were happy with the outcome.

She continues to use the restored cooler, which functions correctly. Since Sharon made it mobile, she can move it from one point to the next depending on where she wants to use the cooler.

There are many more ideas out there; all you need is a creative team and motivation. You do not have to throw out any other items that you consider trash in your home. You can restore these into reusable items that will assist you.

Due to Sharon’s efforts, she has moved on to look for other items in her home that she can re-use rather than throw out. This was the story of how a woman got hold of a dirty cooler and restored it back to good use.

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