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Why People Find Kittens Sooo Adorable


Why People Find Kittens Sooo Adorable


There’s something about an adorable image or video of a kitten getting into mischief or just snuggling up to their family that makes millions of people’s hearts melt. What’s not to love about a tiny kitten? They’re small enough to fit in your shoes, they’re soft, and love to cuddle. Not to mention, animals offer an abundance of love and affection.

So what is it about these adorable felines that people find so adorable and just can’t get enough of? Is it the way they grab our hands with their tiny paws for attention, or how they jump on our laptop screen because work time is over and it’s time for play? There are so many reasons why people are just smitten by kittens.

Super Soft, Pet-Friendly Fur

For starters, they’re so adorable. Also, their ultra soft fur is soft to the tough, making petting and belly rubs a lot more enjoyable. There’s something so relaxing about petting your cat’s soft fur as they purr in enjoyment.

Human Nature Kicks In

Almost immediately after adopting our fur babies, human nature kicks in and we all do what we can to protect our babies. Scientists have reported that when we look at a kitten, a neurological response in our brain instantly kicks in and all of a sudden, we care so deeply for them. Think about it, how many times have you left an animal shelter missing the pet you only spent about 10 minutes with?

Kittens Remind Us Of People

Have you ever looked at a kitten and thought they look like a teeny, tiny version of a person? The proportion of their head and eyes to their little bodies often makes people think kittens are like little babies. Which makes them even more precious.

Kittens Have So Much Energy

Every time you adopt a kitten you can’t help but go a little overboard with buying cat toys. They have so much energy and it’s fun to watch them go crazy playing with and having tons of fun with their newest toys. The best part: watching a kitten getting stoned off catnip. Priceless.

Can Never Get Enough of Kittens

I’m done petting kittens, said no one ever. Between the crazy soft hair, gorgeous eyes staring into your soul, purring sounds while they sleep on your lap, and soft kisses kittens give us, we just can’t get enough of them. Before you know it, you end up in cuteness overload. This shouldn’t be that surprising considering the number of hours people spend searching and watching cat videos on Facebook and YouTube.

There are so many reasons that people just can’t get enough of cats. Next time you’re near an animal shelter, walk in and just take a look at their adorable faces. It won’t be long before you’ve fallen in love and looking to bring an adorable new kitten in your home.

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