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Thrift Shop Clothes Turn Into Stylish Clothes Thanks to this Mom


Thrift Shop Clothes Turn Into Stylish Clothes Thanks to this Mom


Clothing is one of the most thrown out items that we use every day. We throw out a collective 70 pounds of clothing per person per year. That being said, there are tons of thrift stores, second hand stores, and donation stores where you can find second hand clothes. One mother decided that it was time to take matters into her own hands and use some of these second hand clothes to make new items for her kids.

What Happened

After her first daughter was born Sarah Tyau began recycling, or upcycling, old clothes to make fantastic new pieces that are truly beautiful. She buys clothes second hand and then tailors them to fit her daughter and to make them into something new. Her clothes are featured on Instagram to show off her skill and to show others that you can make something new out of something old.

She takes items like old dresses, jacket and suits and tailors them into new and fantastic items. She not only sews for her kids, she also makes great items for herself. She takes items and makes reproductions of very expensive pieces for a fraction of the cost. She takes her talent and makes items that were once unsightly into pieces that anyone would love to wear. Her specialty is taking items like large dress shirts and making dresses for her daughters.

Her talent knows no bounds as she is able to transform items that are drab and may have no shape into trendy pieces that rival those that are on the runway today. Not only does she take items for her daily wear, she also makes tutorials of her transformations so that you can follow along too. Her sewing skills have garnered her quite the following on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Try it Yourself

Though it may be scary, you can try this trend yourself as well. What do you have to lose? Buying a new piece of clothing can cost anywhere from $20 to $50 with a yearly clothing budget being into the hundreds or even thousands. Most thrifted items are under $10 and materials to alter these pieces are incredibly inexpensive which means you can take something that was once expensive into something that has a second life.

If you are thinking about trying out this trend on your own you should start by going to a few thrift shops or second hand shops to see what they have to offer. Consignment and thrift shops are a great way to find items that are both useful as they are and are name brand as well as those that you can give second life to. Many thrift stores have sales where you can pick up even cheaper clothes so that you can experiment and make something truly unique and different. Upcycling items is a great way to get unique pieces that are unlike anything else and that are truly special and showcase your personal style.

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