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This teacher transformed her classroom into Hogwarts, and accio tissue because we’re crying


This teacher transformed her classroom into Hogwarts, and accio tissue because we’re crying


After reading Harry Potter books and seeing the movies, it’s every kids dream to attend Hogwarts. While that may never happen, it may be almost a reality for one lucky classroom full of students. A group of students get to live out a very cool dream of going to Hogwarts everyday, thanks to a very creative third grade teacher named Tressa Bargella.

Bargella created the classroom and shared it on her Instagram account. It features many things reminiscent of the book and movie series, including a mandrake, sorting hat, potions, spell books and a brick wall that is made to look like Platform 9 ¾. This is at least her second year of transforming her classroom into the Harry Potter wonderland.

Not only did she start decorating her classroom before school started and gave up some of her summer break, but she even went the extra step to send out Hogwarts letters to the students. Her Instagram feed not only shows photos of the classroom, but also the acceptance letters she sent out. In the caption, she describes them as a labor of love but is thrilled with the end result. She even makes a reference to the series by saying her owls are under the weather so she has to send them by snail mail.

Bargella even got her husband in on her decorating project, and he helped build a platform to create a common room in her classroom. There is a makeshift fireplace set up, as well as quotes from the series on the walls.

It’s not just decorations she has added to her classroom. She has truly transformed every area of her classroom so there is some Harry Potter magic attached to it, from the chore chart to her hall passes.

You can find photos of the classroom on Bargella’s Instagram account, @Bargella_in_3rd. She shares pictures of the classroom, along with some tutorials on how she created some of the objects in the space, such as the Monster Book of Monsters. There is so much attention to detail that it makes even adults that grew up with the Harry Potter series wishing they can return to third grade and be a student in Bargella’s class.

The Harry Potter series was written by J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, came out in June 1997. Since then, each book has been made into a movie, with the last book being released in two different film installments. With the success of the books and movies, the Harry Potter franchise has become one of the highest grossing media franchises of all time. This can be attributed to the series covering many genres, including drama, coming of age tales, fantasy, and more. With the success, the series has expanded to not only include books and movies, but also a digital platform with regularly updated information and insight, as well as a spin-off series that starts before the events in Harry Potter.

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