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These Real Titanic Photos Are More Riveting Than The Movie


These Real Titanic Photos Are More Riveting Than The Movie


Everyone has heard of the tragic story of the “Unsinkable” ship. The story of the Titanic. Much of the pictures most people have of the tragic incident of a ship that collided with an iceberg can be owed to the film of the Titanic that was produced in wholesale jerseys the year 1997 by James Cameron. The events of the film are close to reality. But only a few people have had the opportunity to see the real photos of the Titanic that scope from the time of construction of the gigantic ship to when the ship Film wreckage was discovered in 1985.

1.    The clubs Royal Mail Ship, Titanic was launched in 1911 on the 31st of May by the White Start Line in response to Lusitania wholesale NFL jerseys and Mauritania that were launched by their competitors, New Ocean Liners.

2.    This is one of the propellers that were found in the ship’s wreckage. The side propellers were 23 feet wide and the middle one 16 feet.

3.    This picture shows the actual propeller of the ship after it was constructed. The ship as seen in the picture is gigantic and hence needed the massive propellers to steer it at the desirable speed to outdo its competitors.

4.    This is an image of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Harder who took on their honeymoon trip on the Titanic. One of the survivors of the disaster is the woman on the picture not facing the camera. Bernie Palmer took this image.

5.    The Titanic and the customize Olympic were to be the largest ship to be created in the history of ships. Due to the size, the “Great Gantry” had to be created to provide a slipway for the construction since there was none in existence at that time that could accommodate the large size.

6.    The Titanic’s rudder was one of the crucial parts of the ship that would facilitate steering of its gigantic mass. The rudder weight more than 20,000 pounds. Here is a picture of Titanic’s massive rudder.

7.    The ship had to be constructed on land before being moved to the sea. This is an image of the Titanic before it was launched. It only took 62 seconds to move the massive ship into the water. But when you look at the specifics that made it possible you will be amazed.

8.    This is a picture of the Titanic departing from Belfast. It took the help of 5 tugboats to guide the vessel. This particular image was taken during the testing phase after the ship’s construction was complete.

9.    The captain of the Titanic was Edward J. Smith. In the image, he is the one at the middle in the front row with a white beard. The others are officers and engineers of the ship. It is said that the trip with the Titanic was to be the last for Edward J. Smith’s career.

10.    Here is a picture with a close up look at the Captain Edward John Smith. He was among the persons who died in the disasters. Actually, his last acts during the disaster are said to be heroic although the exact details are not clearly depicted.

11.    The main world! cause of the disaster is the collision with an iceberg. This is the actual image of that iceberg. wholesale MLB jerseys The iceberg destroyed the side of the Titanic puncturing the rooms meant to keep the ship afloat.

12.    DEPARTMENT The promenade deck lay below the top deck and was for general wholesale NFL jerseys use. It was here that the most expensive suites, the parole suites, were located. Here is how the promenade deck looked like.

13.    This is one of the first class standard cabins of the 350 that were on the ship. It had a single bed inside. The ship, also, had 39 private suites, each with its own private bathrooms. Some were decorated with ornate styles.

14.    This is a photo of the Titanic sailing. The ship used 690 tons of coal daily, with the coal being added day and night to steer the ship at top speed.

15.    Marconi Company was in charge of communication on the ship. The operators of the communication room were actually not crew members but employees of the company. Here is an image of the communication room.

16.    There were only 20 lifeboats on this boat that could carry a maximum capacity of 1200 people. This mean that more than half of the people on board could not be accommodated.

17.    This image shows lifeboats carrying some of the passengers away from the sinking ship. The boat carried fewer people than their capacity due to the worry that the weight would be too much for the lines.

The story of the Titanic was one of the most devastating in the history of ships. The otherwise dubbed “Unsinkable Ship” actually proved that brand wrong. These pictures provide the actual images of what happened during construction, on the ship, and after the disaster.

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