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The Queen and Her Matching Umbrellas


The Queen and Her Matching Umbrellas


Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may be the focus of late, but Queen Elizabeth II has been an impressionable fashionista since 1993. She never fails to spot a stylish look while carrying out her royal responsibilities. Her bright outfits are easily noticeable and are carefully picked to ensure she is easily seen by the adoring public. One thing that stands out from Her Majesty’s fashion sense is a custom umbrella. Have you ever noticed that Her Majesty the Queen always sports a color-coordinated dome-shape umbrella for all her rainbow-inspired outfits?

Unique Umbrellas

For about 25 years, the Queen of England has been using unique umbrellas fashioned by the renown Fulton Umbrellas. These custom umbrellas feature a classic birdcage look and are transparent with colored trims and handles. The umbrellas blend perfectly with her entire wardrobe. Whether it is a sunshine yellow, blue, pretty pink, purple, or turquoise outfit, she’s got a custom umbrella to match the occasion.

It Rains a Lot in England

London rains a lot; the United Kingdom has even been called the world’s “wettest country”. The Queen has to be prepared for rainy weather as she goes about with her royal duties. She’s always got a matching umbrella at hand to protect her from the rain. There’s probably a closet in the Birmingham palace full of colorful umbrellas.

The Best Custom Designers

Fulton Umbrellas are behind the concept of the Queen’s uniquely-designed umbrellas. In 2006, the company was granted a Royal Warrant for their work and commitment to matching Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe. The color of the umbrella’s handle and trim is made to match the outfit of the Queen precisely. Her Majesty is certainly happy with the work of the designers because she continues to wear their designs.

It all started when Queen Elizabeth II spotted Fulton’s Birdcage umbrella, and she said that the distinct dome-shaped PVC cover would be better at providing protection from the rain, and letting her stay visible to the people even in the harshest weather.

Designing these unique umbrellas takes a lot of effort. Swatches of the Queen’s outfits are given to Fulton Umbrellas months in advance. The company’s creative staff works together to make a handle and trim which have the exact color as her outfits. Afterwards, they send the complete umbrella to Her Majesty’s stylist immediately before she attends scheduled public events.

Practical design

It is evident that Queen Elizabeth adores her custom umbrellas. She loves the way they complement her outfits and their practicality as well. Fulton Umbrellas have really thought about the design of the umbrella. The transparent, dome-shape of the birdcage umbrella provides the best coverage from the rain while at the same time letting Her Majesty stay visible to the people no matter the weather conditions.

Keen fashion sense

It’s clear to see that the Queen of England pays keen attention to detail. On social media, people are quick to comment on her appearance. Her umbrellas are indisputably very fashionable and very practical. She has been seen with her colorful Fulton birdcages, not only in the United Kingdom but also in other places in the world. The rainbow color collection is indeed outstanding.

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