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Terrifying Photos You Should Only View in the Daylight


Terrifying Photos You Should Only View in the Daylight


What are you afraid of? Is it pitch blackness, clowns, ghost, being grabbed by something from behind? If these things scare you, then only look at the following images and their stories in the daylight.

Not everyone can look at all these images, so proceed if you are brave enough. Once you’ve conquered your fear and read all the stories, pass this along to a friend and see how well they do with them.

Joe “The Cannibal” Metheny

In 1996, Joe Roy Metheny was charged with murdering three women. He confessed to killing a total of ten people, but murder was only the beginning of his sickening crimes. He would stalk prostitutes and other women near where groups of homeless people lived. He lured two of these women to his trailer where he killed them. He then dismembered the bodies and partially ate them. The rest of their remains were ground up and mixed with burgers which he sold at his food stand.

Tarred and Feathered

This is what a victim sentenced to being tarred and feathered looks like. Tarring and Feathering is a form of mob justice where the accused is usually strippe to the waist and coated with tar. Some accounts describe the tar as hot and even boiling and sometimes it could be pine tar. The accused is then either forced to roll in feathers or have the feathers showered over them This punishment dates all the way back to King Richard I of England in 1189. Tarring and feathering was employed during The American Revolution and during the 1700’s and 1800’s in America. Although not as common today there is a recorded account of tarring and feathering being implemented in Ireland as recently as 2007.

The Doll that Aged While In Storage

Most forgotten and packed away dolls show their age by cracking or losing their hair, or fading in color. This doll was different. It was a young girl’s favorite toy for a while, but like most childhood playthings it ended up packed away in the attic. The young girl grew up and moved away. When her parents decided to sell the house they discovered the doll in its attic exile. The doll appeared to have aged like a human in its eleven years of storage. The face was wrinkled in the way a human face wrinkles with age. The most startling change was in the eyes. They no longer seemed glassy and doll-like, but very wise and human. Most collectors still argue that it was normal decay and nothing ore. Other wonder if a spirit did not attach itself the to the doll and cause the changes.

Tyler Hadley: Commits Double Murder Just to Throw a Party

Teenagers in Port St. Lucie, Florida complain about having nothing to do just like teenagers in other towns across America. Marijuana, Ecstasy, and prescription medications are often used to make time pass more pleasantly for many of these bored Florida teens. However, the lengths Tyler Hadley went to throw a party were grisly and extreme. Tyler was quite to the point of almost never speaking to anyone at school with his only close friend being a boy named Mark. Tyler had mentioned murdering his parents in conversations with his friends, but no one really took him seriously; but they should have. The photo above was taken in Tyler’s garage after he showed his friend the bodies of his murdered parents. Tyler had beaten his parents to death with a hammer and put their bodies in the spare bedroom. He had showed his friend the blood spots in the living room and leading to the guest bedroom. He then posted on social media that he was having a party that night. The party was attended by hundreds of teenagers who didn’t suspect anything was wrong. A neighbor finally called the police at two in the morning to complain of noise. The bodies of Tyler’s parents were found exactly as he’d left them while his friends drank, smoked, and partied all night.

Hook Island Monster

On December 12, 1964 the LeSerrec family spotted what appeared to be a thirty foot tadpole like creature on the bottom of a lagoon in Stonehaven Bay. They took several pictures from different angles, but when they went in for a closer look, the creature disappeared.

Held Captive For Over Twenty Years

At the age of twenty-five Blanche Monnier was in love with a young lawyer and ready to marry him. Her mother disapproved of the match and locked Blanche in a tiny windowless room to keep her away from the lawyer. Blanche was kept in the filthy room for twenty-five years. The police were alerted to the situation by an anonymous letter and rescued Blanche in 1901. Fifteen days after her rescue, her mother became ill and died. Blanche was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for continued mental illness and died there in 1913.

Room 322 at The Hotel ZaZa

Room 322 at the Hotel ZaZa in Houston, TX is not your typical hotel room. The floors are bare concrete and the bed hangs from the wall by chains. The hotel says it is simply a jail themed room and way for them to use the small space. However, there are questions surrounding the creepy artwork on the walls. Why is there a portrait of Jay Comeaux, the President of the Stanford Group Company on the wall alongside pictures of skulls? Could this be a reference to the very old and very secretive Skull and Bones Society? Is this really just an average hotel suite, or is it used for other purposes?

Jack the Ripper’s Personal Letter

Sent to George Lusk in 1888 this letter claims to be from Jack the Ripper. He sent Mr. Lusk half a human kidney and claims to have “fried and eaten” the other half. Mr. Lusk was the Chairman of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee and Jack the Ripper chose his victims from this area. The letter continues to say that Mr. Lusk may also receive the knife used to remove the kidney from the body if he will only be patient. Many letters like this were sent, but this is one which was taken seriously as being from Jack the Ripper.

Double Trouble

Alligators strike fear into most people, but this two-headed alligator is double the trouble. Scientists say this can happen when monozygotic twins fail to completely separate. Many people in Florida claim to have seen this terrifying alligator even though these types of twins rarely survive into adulthood.


If you hate finding an average size spider in your bathtub, then this hungry spider will really scare you. Any spider that can take down a fully grown lizard and eat it for lunch is enough to send most people running in the other direction.

Breakfast Guest

This cougar showed up in a Chilean family’s kitchen one morning. It did not attack the family or the family dog, but it was definitely a scary experience.

Not Just a Nosebleed

After being in a motorcycle accident Daniela Liverani thought she was simply having a nosebleed. The nosebleed turned out to be a three inch leech that had crawled up her nose a month before during a trip out of the country. She named the leech, Mr. Curly.

Rat King

A rat king is created when rats gather in a cluster to try and keep warm. When they freeze they become attached with frozen feces or mud. It’s a scary thing to discover.


Botflies are terrifying simply because they burrow into your skin to incubate and for nourishment. They then push themselves back out of your skin when they hatch.

Hairy Frogs

Also called the Wolverine Frog, this frog has claws that are made of bone and not keratin. It is also hairy and quite scary looking.

Walter Yeo’s Burn

During the 1916 Battle of Jutland Walter Yeo sustained terrible facial burns. The burns took off his upper and lower eyelids and severely damaged the rest of his face. He is the first man to receive plastic surgery to help heal his injuries.

The Doll Named Mandy

Mandy the Doll was given to a Canadian museum in 1991. The doll was already ninety years old and the previous owner could not have it in the house any longer. People report hearing a baby cry and finding only the doll. Visitors to the museum say the batteries to their devices drain when around Mandy. She also appears to move on her own from exhibit to exhibit.


Thunderbirds existed in Native American legends and some fossil excavations have uncovered birds with a wingspan of almost twenty feet. They were said to feed on whales.

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