Teachers who Slept with their Students and Got Caught

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Remember back in the day when teachers taught, and students took notes, and everyone went their way. Well, that does not happen anymore. These days, both students and teachers are engaged in some frisky afterschool activities with each other. Back in the day, teachers having sexual relationships with students were unheard of. However, teacher/student scandals are all over, some of these teachers are quite hot. Check out some of them!

1. Pamela Rogers Turner


Turner, 27 at the time, was a physical trainer and coach at Centertown Elementary. For some reason, she decided to establish a sexual relationship with one of the 13-year-old students. During the relationship that lasted about three months, it involved sexual encounters. The two even had sex at the gymnasium.

In 2005, Turner was accused of 5 counts of sexual battery by someone in authority and 13 counts of statutory rape. She was sent to jail for eight years but only served nine months. When she was let go in 2006, she contacted her victim and began sending him explicit images and texts. She was arrested once more and sent to jail for two more years.