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Surprise Military Reunions That Will Melt Your Heart


Surprise Military Reunions That Will Melt Your Heart


Being deployed by the military can take a major toll on both the individual and the entire family. The day the day that they go back to their wives, children and friends is an emotional treasured moment. Over the years, homecoming moments have become a viral sensation with many families recording every moment while others plan surprises for their kids and family. Take out the tissues or try and hold your tears for these heartwarming homecoming reunions.

The Florida Mom and his son
It was a heartwarming scene when 26 year old U.S. naval soldier Lee Jackson surprised his mother by popping from the trunk of his aunt’s car. Lee had been away from his family for two years and the visit was long overdue. In the video, you can see Lee’s mother, Diana Jackson, jump on her son in excitement when it finally hits her what is happening. Lee admits that he expected to see his mother cry but he was not prepared for her to jump into his arms. After lee’s 17 months in California base and another 7 months being deployed in Guam it was time for his to see his mother. He had arranged the entire surprise with is Aunt Tonya who picked him up from the airport.

Shania Porter announces her homecoming on her sons PA system
It was Blake’s first day of school when he heard the most unexpected voice on the schools PA system. His mother Shania Porter, had been deployed and was away from home for six months. On the 4 year old boy first day of school she made a special announcement over the PA system. After making her announcements she walked down the hall to her son’s class room and tapped him on the shoulder. The little boy could barely contain his excitement when he was enveloped in his mother’s arms. She admitted that it was an emotional reunion.

Jax the husky
Reunions are not just for family and friends but for beloved pets as well. Sam Cox was a member of the Royal Anglican Regiment in London but he had to leave the country for Nigeria to train the country’s army. When he returned home from duty he was greeted with wet kisses from his one year old husky. Jax had missed him so much and he cuddled Sam and rubbed against him in excitement. His girlfriend reveals that Jax missed so much that he even started sleeping on his side of the bed while he was away.

Maria and Micaela Kemerling the college cheerleaders
Maria and Micaela are cheerleaders at University of Missouri and while they were supposed to bring cheer to the crowd they had a surprise in store for them. Their father Captain Kody Kemerling had been deployed in Kuwait Army reserved for 10 months. During his 10 months away he felt that he was missing out because he hadn’t watched his twins cheer at collegiate level. He surprised them at a game and they could not hide their excitement when they ran and embraced him.

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