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Siblings Rescue Baby, Couple From A Sinking Car


Siblings Rescue Baby, Couple From A Sinking Car


Last Wednesday morning was not good for siblings Aaron Alan and Jolisa Jones.

As trucking partners in their family-owned business, siblings Alan And Jones were on a furniture delivery route when they saw a black Chrysler 300 veer into the left lane on I75, hitting the side of a blue toyota RAV 4.

Hit And Run

Jones and Alan were ready to report the accident when they witnessed the black Chrysler flee the scene. The Chrysler sustained minimal damage, while the Toyota RAV 4, impacted by the force of the crash, rolled over into a flooded ditch on the side of the road.

Alan saw that the car was sinking quickly. Once his sister alerted the police, the quick-thinking siblings sprung into action.

Baby Onboard

The Toyota RAV 4 carried three passengers at the time of the accident. Diana and Roger Windsor were on the way to a doctor’s appointment with their 11-day-old daughter when their car was side-swiped by the fleeing Chrysler. Mrs. Windsor was driving as the devoted new dad kept his newborn company in the backseat.

Aaron Alan was not sure how many people were trapped inside of the sinking car, but he glimpsed a carseat through the back window. He was determined not to look on helplessly as the car’s passengers parished. The possibility of a child inside gave him extra strength to act accordingly.

A Miraculous Rescue

Jones and Alan pulled their truck over and sprang into action. both of them having previously served in the military, the siblings were trained to think fast in rescue situations. Though each of them retired from service several years before, their fitness combined with adrenaline gave them enough strength to overturn the car.

The siblings flipped the toyota RAV 4, moving its passengers from iminent danger.

“I didn’t know my own strength,” said Jones. “I had no idea I could lift several tons of steel even if it was with my brother’s help.”

Alan swiftly wrapped his shirt around his wrist and punched through the windshield to rescue the passengers. He reached through broken glass to rescue the newborn from her infant carseat. Luckily the newborn and her parents were not seriously injured.

Help On the Way

Moments after the siblings’ heroic act, several EMT’s arived on the scene along with a pair of state troopers. Jones detailed the hit and run, while Alan held the infant he just rescued.

The EMT’s examined each member of the Windsor family as well as Aaron Alan. the Windsors opted to be examined further at the hospital, mainly due to their fragile newborn daughter. Alan sustained several injuries to his wrist, but nothing more.

The Windsors are forever grateful to the siblings who rescued them. the two families have become lifelong friends.

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