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Rashida Jones’ Latest Documentary Centers On a Music Legend – Her Father


Rashida Jones’ Latest Documentary Centers On a Music Legend – Her Father


Rashida Jones’ latest Netflix project, Quincy, is about her father, Quincy Jones. The documentary is directed by Alan Hicks and Rashida Jones. It is expected to debut on Netflix on Sept.21. It gives an insight about the musical legend’s life and work. Will Smith and other famous people give their personal accounts of Quincy Jones. Jones has mentored and worked with plenty of famous people including Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, and many more. The documentary is expected to provide some insight into the relationship that Jones has had with musicians and other key players in the entertainment sector and how he as impacted on their lives.

The icon has had a tremendous impact on pop culture. The documentary will explore his personal life and even touch on his cancer diagnosis. It will use both archival and modern footage to shed light on Quincy Jones’ life as a composer, arranger, producer, trumpet player, and conductor.

Rashida Jones acknowledges that it is difficult to find someone that has had such a long and fulfilling life but remains interested in learning more about the new generation. Rashida says that she feels lucky to have spent time with the legendary artist and that she is glad to share the experience with other people in the world.

The documentary is expected to showcase the works of Quincy Jones in TV and film. He was the composer of the TV series ‘Roots’ and the producer of the film ‘The Color Purple.’

Quincy has had a lot of influence in the entertainment industry for over seven decades. The documentary will capture his story as an individual, an influencer, and an artist. It will talk about his talents and work ethic that have made it possible to achieve his success. Lisa Nishimura, the VP of original documentaries for Netflix, says that this is a rare opportunity to present the story of someone who has managed to change the course of culture.


Quincy Jones is 85 years old. He joined the music industry while he was a teenager. His friend, Ray Charles, convinced him to do it. He played in several bands in the 50s. In the mid-60s, he became a composer for film and TV productions.

He was married to the actress and former model Peggy Lipton. Lipton has appeared in many movies and recently featured in ‘Twin Peaks.’ While they were married, the couple had daughter Rashida Jones. Rashida is mostly popular for her acting roles. She, however, produces the series ‘Angie Tribeca’ and the documentary ‘Hot girls Wanted.’

Facts About Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones is the artist with the highest number of Grammy nominations in history. He has received 79 nominations and won 27 of them.

In 1975, Jones started Qwest productions. He arranged and produced albums for some of the most successful artists including Frank Sinatra. He produced ‘Thriller’ which is Michael Jackson’s all-time best-selling album.

In 1985, he worked with other producers to produce the record ‘We are the World’ in an effort to raise funds for famine victims in Ethiopia. Over the years, Jones has participated in other charity works including being an activist for kids.

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