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Police Officer Who Saved At-Risk Baby Finds Him after 25 Years


Police Officer Who Saved At-Risk Baby Finds Him after 25 Years


A police officer went beyond the call of duty when he saved a baby that was facing certain death. It was suspected that the baby had been abandoned by the mother in a dumpster for fear of not being able to provide for her. 25 years since the heroic action, the police officer is reunited with the founding.

Calls from locals
Locals made a call to the local police station after they heard sounds that resembled those of a crying infant. It happened that this officer was on duty at the police station. Upon receiving the call, the officer hurried to the scene to see what he could do to help.

Going to the scene
The officer and the locals walked to the scene and found a pile of blankets on the ground. The shawls were neatly folded and had not gathered any dirt. From a distance, they could hear the sounds of a crying baby. The officer reached the scene and uncovered the shawls to reveal what they were covering.

A crying infant
He lifted the whole wrapping and held it tenderly next to his chest. There was a fragile and helpless infant wrapped neatly in the white shawls, looking like it had been subjected to the cold conditions for a period. The officer rocked the baby to get it to stop crying.

Taking the infant to the police station
Before taking the baby to the police station to find out the next course of action, the officer took him to the hospital. Doctors examined the infant and gave her the necessary treatment and care. The officer took the tiny beauty back to the police station before going home with him.

The officer regretted that he was not in a position to officially adopt the baby and take care of him. He was keen on doing all the required paperwork under the law and hand over the boy to a set of parents that would take care of him and bring him up in the right way. He made the difficult decision of giving him up for adoption after several days.

Agreement with new parents
When a suitable set of parents to adopt the baby were found, the officer wanted them to commit that they would ensure the little boy went to college. The adoption parents agreed to this request and the adoption papers were signed.

Growing up
The baby was named Gael and was given the best in life. His upbringing was normal and his parents showered him with love and warmth. Since they had been unable to have a child of their own, Gael had been the blessing that they had been praying for.  He brought joy and laughter to the home and they loved him for that.

Going to college
By the time Gael finished his high school education, the parents would remember their promise to the officer. Plans were made to enroll him in the best university, and he was admitted for a business course.

Learning the truth
It was not until he was in his third year at the university that Gael learned of is adoption and the circumstances that led to it. HE was extremely shocked, but his parents helped him to handle the new truth. All three of them agreed that it was important for all of them to search for her biological parents. They started by searching for the savior police officer.

The search
Gael’s parents had lost touch with the police officer who had rescued him. Indeed, many years had passed by and the officer had since left the service. He was, by this time, running his small business in the same town where the mother had abandoned the little boy.

Meeting his hero
A meeting was organized for the young man to meet the man who saved him from certain death. They located the officer and he invited the three of them to his home. He welcomed them, narrating to the handsome man how events had unfolded on that miraculous morning.

Successful man
When Gael related her story to his hero, he was immensely proud of how successful the boy had become and how amazing she had turned out to be. He felt like his life had come full circle and was humbled by the difference he had made.

Flood of emotions
There was a flood of emotions, with the little boy expressing his appreciation for the second chance in life. The officer was filled with pride and love, admiring how far the boy had come and the huge challenges he had overcome, beginning with the first one of defying death.

Searching for the mom
Gael requested the officer to help him locate his mom. He still had friends in the police service that would use the resources available to them to help in the search. It did not take long before they found out that the mother lived in a different town.

After reaching out to the mother, they planned a day when they would meet in person. The mother narrated how she had been homeless at the time of the pregnancy. She said she could not have taken care of the baby at the time. Being 16 years old, the best decision she could make was to abandon the infant.

Asking about the dad
When the young boy asked about her father, her mother told her that he had left on learning of the pregnancy. The mother would later find out that he had died in a grisly road accident a few years later. She had never heard from him or his family since he left.

Moment of thought
This story provided the man with something to think about. He learnt about the struggles of the real world, much of which he had been shielded from. He hugged his mother and forgave her for abandoning him in the forest reserve, promising to help her after he finished his studies.

Request from the officer
The officer requested the young man to learn from the story of her life. He asked him to be an example to his peers and to take good care of his family once he starts one.

One big family
The greatest joy among all the people involved in this remarkable story is that they had become part of one large family. They were happy to have known each other and promised to keep in touch. With such a big family, there was more love to be shared.

A future redefined
The officer was moved beyond words at how much he had helped to redefine the future of the young man. The young man expressed his indebtedness to everyone who had contributed to his story.


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