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Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist Uses This $5 Drugstore Lotion As a Highlighter Hack


Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist Uses This $5 Drugstore Lotion As a Highlighter Hack


Daniel Martin is the makeup artist that did Meghan Markle’s makeup for her wedding in May. As usual, Meghan looked stunning in her no-makeup makeup look. Meghan uses subtle makeup that highlights her natural features and gives her a beautiful glow. Plenty of women spend thousands of dollars on highlighter trying to achieve that perfect glow. Fortunately, Daniel Martin has revealed that no one needs to spend a lot of money to get a good a good highlighter.

Martin says that he often uses skincare products as a highlighter. When using this lotion, he would dab small amounts of it on the high points of his clients’ face to achieve a natural-looking glow. Martin says that before highlighters, he used Aquaphor to achieve the same texture that highlighter gives. He applies a $5 drugstore ointment on his clients including Demi Lovato, Meghan Markle, and Jessica Alba. It works as a highlighter. The lotion, Aquaphor, sticks to skin and has the same effect as a highlighter. It looks especially great in photos. Daniel Martin admits that he no longer uses the lotion as often as he used to, but acknowledged that it is a pretty good hack. It is not only cheap but also easy to use.

Martin explains that he adds an actual highlighter only when he is trying to get a look to really pop. It makes the highlight more intense, and it gives off the appearance of a natural glow. He explains that he did not use this lotion or real highlighter on Meghan Markle’s cheekbones on her wedding day because he was trying to avoid any trendy looks. He says that he wanted the wedding pictures to look great even after the highlighter trend passes.

The artist Zendaya also admitted to using this product as a highlighter. Zendaya is known to always have stunning makeup, fantastic complexion, and bold highlight. Zendaya launched an app a few years ago and used the platform to share her highlighter hack. Zendaya explained that she dabs the ointment on the areas she wants to highlight and add some highlighter on it to achieve her popping highlight look.

About Aquaphor

Aquaphor is a thick lotion that you can buy in your local drugstore. It is balmy and unscented. Even though you can use it as a highlighter, Aquaphor is a skin care ointment that was created to promote smooth and healthy skin. It soothes dry skin, chapped lips, minor burns, and skin irritations. You may also use it for dry skin. It is ideal for protecting your skin against extreme weather conditions such as wind and cold. It contains petrolatum, glycerin, lanolin alcohol, ceresin, mineral oil, and panthenol.

If you are trying to achieve a subtle makeup look, try this hack. You do not need to have fancy makeup or spend a lot of money to get the best makeup look. Find makeup hacks like this one. They may help you achieve better results at lower costs.

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