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Lions has a Reunion With Their Human Mom and It’s Amazing


Lions has a Reunion With Their Human Mom and It’s Amazing


Who does not love a happy reunion? Makes this story even better is that this happy reunion is between two lions and their human mom. Picture this, a large lion giving you the ultimate bear hug. Well, now picture two lions doing this, and you have one of the biggest stories capturing the hearts of animal lovers across the world.

Spoiler alert: it’s emotional and amazing! I recommend having some tissue on hand. The reunion was recorded and posted on YouTube, and no surprise here, it’s gone viral and has a lot of people talking.

How It All Began

Let’s start at the beginning. Humans raising lions is nothing new, and you have probably even seen a few videos on YouTube or while browsing Facebook. This particular story, however, was the only option for Malkia and Adelle. When they were just tiny cubs when their mother abandoned. Their parents were forced to perform in circuses across Europe, which psychologically scars animals. Since they could not take care of themselves, they could have ended up in captivity, living the same lonely lives as their parents. They deserved a better chance at life.

Rescued By Michaela

Their story made it to Big Cat Rescue Centre in Slovakia and the organization knew in their heart that they had to step in to save and raise these cubs in a safe environment. While it may seem impossible, the two cubs got attached to their caregivers quickly.

Caretaker Michaela Zimanova instantly formed a bond with the cubs and took care of them for years where she treated them as if they were her own kids. Today, she calls them her “godchildren.” Even now, as adult lions, you can tell they have a massive love for the woman who gave them a second chance after being abandoned.

An Emotional Reunion

In the video, you see Michaela approach Malkia and Adelle and her four-year-old lion babies in the enclosure. You see them run to jump up on the gate to greet her with hugs, purring, and kisses. The current caretakers don’t recommend cuddling the lions for a long time, however, they couldn’t help but wrap their large paws around Michaela to show just how much they love her. It wasn’t long before she was showing how much she loved and missed them.

Even though she missed them, and it almost seems like it’s been years since they’ve seen each other. Big Cat Rescue does say that Michaela visits the park about three times a month to see Malkia and Adelle. But based on the video, you can clearly see just how much they miss and adore each other.

And there are still people out there who say animals don’t have feelings. They should watch this video, and still believe that animals don’t have feelings.

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