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It’s a Shark Tale!


It’s a Shark Tale!


Sharks Tell No Tales – They’re Too Busy Gobbling Up Swimmers
Since they won’t tell you we will. Whether or not you are stealthy enough to detect the tremor that goes through most folks when they hear the word, “shark” you see the fear when the “Jaws”music is cranked up. The infamous theme from “Jaws” the 1975 blockbuster film about the great white shark that terrorized swimmers off the New England coast one summer definitely evokes fear and trepidation whenever its heard. Few people will probably admit that though. I have heard of a certain Swiss gentlemen who must whistle the song in the shower – no fear- read on to find out who we’re talking about.

The Scary Past – When Sharks Ate Tails
2003’s “Finding Nemo” is a Disney full-length animated movie. The cartoon featured a trio of three Austrailian sharks who purported to be vegetarians until one of them got a whiff of blood and subsequently tried diligently to make the hero of the story into a quick meal. In typical shark fashion he became blood thirsty. Audiences weren’t surprised when the nice shark showed his true nature. I guess the Swiss photographer missed this tale. Glad he didn’t lose his tail. OK there’s a clue he’s a photographer. Wonder what he likes taking pictures of?

Lenny, (a true vegetarian shark gets famous in 2004’s “Shark Tale”) took advantage of the dark stereotype while others of his ilk did the sharky work.

Sharks Have Gotten A New Rap – Fast Forward 40 Years
“Jaws” was a long time ago. Today in 2017 we get to look at a whole new type of shark story. These sharks are sweet. So sweet in fact that these sharks look like they belong in a cartoon. They look much sweeter than the cartoon sharks we mentioned above. You have to see them for yourself.

Our Swiss photographer is Franco Banfi, who apparently suffers from mental illness – no just kidding – certain he’s sane, but wow! In order to capture an amazing up close and personal photo shoot with the blue shark who are known to have killed humans in the past, the photographer risked his life for the enjoyment and amazement of all.

What makes the blue shark look like it can not possibly be real is its huge googly eyes. The blue sharks eyes are so white with big black centers that they look magical. What’s even more cartoonish is the apparent mood of the shark has told by their luminous eyes. The shark’s eyes look humble, sort of cautious and more importantly the eyes of the shark look like their owner could not possibly hurt a fly less more a human.

Not A Sinister Sneer In The Bunch
This fearless photographer even caught a pic of the sweet blue shark chumming it up with a co-hort who possessed equally somber peepers. Both sharks basically ignored the human and opted to stay in their lanes swimming humbly along.
Now an interesting photo would be what the gorgeous eyes would look like when the shark turns to attack mode. Don’t pass me the camera.


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