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Heart Melting, Cuddly Selfie Loving Red Pandas


Heart Melting, Cuddly Selfie Loving Red Pandas


Ever had of the two animal celebrities born on 14th January 2018? The two animals go by the names Shifu and Makalu. The photogenic twosome animals are not only be described as charming, spirited but also curious. This pair of amazing selfie-loving red pandas are well known for spending most of their time playing and end enjoying life with Beth (their favorite caretaker). The two creatures are known for being one of the most popular tourist attraction features. The two conspicuous animals at Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia do build up curiosity among the visitors of the zoo.

Adorable creatures blossoming amidst endangerment

Surprisingly, some people do the unthinkable deed of purposefully killing the endangered red pandas. The red pandas are almost becoming an extinct species in the world. The remaining red pandas in the wild has been approximated to be around 10,000. However, the two adorable red pandas are a source of hope that there might be an upcoming generation of red panda species. The upbeat reddish fur accompanied by striped tails makes the animals a prime to poaching. This because the fur would sell at a very high profit. Traditionally, the fur was used to make hats which would symbolize good luck in various special occasions. However, in the current century, such practices have been marked illegal since they encourage the killing of the red pandas. Some poachers also believe that somebody part of the red pandas has medicinal properties. The medicine is mostly sold on the black market since they are illegal.

The honor of taking selfies with cute “carnivorous” animals

Unlike other wild animals, the two duo pandas, Shifu and Makalu are not camera shy. Not once or twice have the two cute animals been captured being fed by human beings. The red pandas have been captured cuddling up with their keepers at the zoo. Surprisingly, the red pandas are known to be carnivorous. They do occasionally feed on insects, bird eggs and small lizards.

The adorable mechanism of red pandas

The YouTube videos of red pandas standing on their back legs always get us in the wowing mood. Little do we know that this is not a friendly move made by these animals. It is a defense mechanism used during attacks. When provoked, the cute animals tend to raise themselves on their hind limbs. This makes them appear bigger as they remove their sharp claws. The red pandas also unleash a strong horrible, unpleasant odor that scares away even the hungriest preys.

The cute environmental ambassadors

As sweet as they are, the adorable red pandas are known to be environmental ambassadors. The animals practice various activities such as playing around while catching some bees and other flying insects, happily jumping from one place to another and wandering about from one tree branch to another. The Shifu and Makalu eye-catching adorable red pandas are perfect examples of what to expect as you visit any zoo to see the animals.

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