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Harambe Shaped Cheeto Sells Big!


Harambe Shaped Cheeto Sells Big!


What a Difference an “E” Makes
Did you think Vanna White and Pat Sajak had the market cornered on buying vowels? Apparently taking off the last “e” in a particular word began the trajectory of an incredible story. This story will take you through Africa, a beloved zoo, the salty snack aisle and lastly the world wide web. The game show “Wheel of Fortune” is not the only way you can walk into a place with no money and walk away with tens of thousands of dollars. Let’s spin the wheel on this one. Listen to this story folks. You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s All In The Details
In the Swahili language the word Harambee means “people working together” or “all pull together”. The African country of Kenya uses Harambee as its official motto and includes the word on their coat of arms.
Well apparently if you drop the last “e “on the word and use it to name a 400-pound Western lowland gorilla, astounding things will happen. This is tied in and translates into the language of Cheeto, Harambe means tens of thousands of dollars for one very fortunate eBay deal maker.

Wait, wait, should we slow the story down? Okay, let’s take it from the beginnning. Harambe was a gorilla who became famous back in May, 2016 when he had to be killed to save a 3-year old boy who wanted to get a closer look and went into Harambe’s habitat at the Cincinatti Zoo. The story drew massive media attention and prompted people to pay special attention to the treatment of animals in captivity and how they are kept in their captivity. It wasn’t Harambe’s fault that the boy disobeyed his parents and went into the gorllla cavern.

Harambe had to die to save the little boy’s life since all were afraid of what the gorilla would do to the young child. He began to drag the child and did not heed the zoo workers directions.

Harambe lives again to save another human. This time he saved an eBay seller from having an empty pocket.

Watch What You Eat!
Good thing this enterprising person wasn’t starving when he ripped open that fateful Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot bag. He uncovered the valuable Cheeto and recognized that it resembled Harambe, the gorilla. He cut and pasted a photo of Harambe next to a pic of his special Cheeto and started a bidding war on eBay ultimately making out like a bandit. What started out with a low ball bid of a little over $11, which would be a great return on an entire bag of Cheetos which retail for about $2.50. Long story short – oops too late. The last leg of this story swung right through the wide world web.

The Harambe Cheeto sold for $99,900!

Most people are too hungry to go on a treasure hunt in their Cheetos. A plate of vegetables would get a slower gaze, but Cheetos?

Now we all have seen some funky looking Cheetos in our lives but who would have thunk to take it to this level!
Talk about a return on your investment!

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