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What to do as a Feminist in Minnesota


What to do as a Feminist in Minnesota


Sometimes you want to just break away from tradition and go see the world on your own, right, ladies? But let’s face it. Sometimes the world is not the most friendly, safe or welcoming place. Sometimes you need to know where to go or to just get a few ideas. Thus, we bring you your own “Feminist Passport” — let it serve as a start to your new Minnesota travels…..

1. Have you thought about attending the Sandstone, MN Women’s Debate Institute?

Start here. Gotta start somewhere, right? Did you know this institute’s been around since the 1990’s? Furthermore, did you also know it was specifically initiated to combat sexism, racism and more within a debate context? It’s true. Plus, here’s something that’ll really whet your appetite even further: Did you know that wealthy, white males were originally responsible for this institution and its norms —— now, how cool is that???

2. Have you thought about properly immersing yourself in some rich West African culture or cuisine?

Did you know there’s a beautiful and rare, small restaurant known by the name of City Afrique, for instance, and that this restaurant is just one of several you may not have even known existed? This one, for instance, is carefully managed, with all the love and care in the world, by a chef named Bea Karnagar, the proud owner: So the next time you find yourself peddling the outskirts of Minnesota, looking for a little “flavorful city life” through some fine dining, do remember this place and its owner as both will likely take your breath away. This is an immigrant-owned, woman-owned business that fights for its rights!

3. Have you thought about supporting the Minnesota Women’s Press? If not, why not?

Here’s something you can do and still feel good about yourself for contributing to, as well: This unique print and online publication was put together in 1984 and has faithfully stood its ground since then, marking it as one of the greatest women-owned collectives around, and that’s likely a huge understatement; you get the idea, though. Anyhoo, the Minnesota Women’s Press was fully women-owned when it started and remains no less the same today; back around the mid 1980’s, in fact, the business served mainly as a bi-weekly print paper but is now much more, now offering more than what it ever could when it started. Many women remain proud of the growth and expansion of this business since its birth…..

4. Have you thought about breaking a good sweat at the ol’ Solcana Fitness & Wellness?

Last but certainly not least on the list of to-do’s for when you’re in beautiful Minnesota, how about this suggestion? You know one problem that permeates most chain gyms out there, for instance? I’ll tell you: It’s a lack of true, lasting camaraderie, even for women. But let that problem be no more when you have a fitness center like this one at your visiting disposal; drop in as often as you’d like.

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