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Dad Uses Post-It-Notes To Share Parenting Experiences


Dad Uses Post-It-Notes To Share Parenting Experiences


Many stay-at-home parents fall into boredom because they rarely find anything enjoyable to do in undertaking their parental roles. More often than less, parents themselves fail to understand that they too are human just like their kids and that they also need to engage in activities that will help them balance their roles. Staying at home to take care of your kids can be monotonous since it involves undertaking the same roles every day.

The fact that stay-at-home roles undertake repeated roles shouldn’t mean that they cannot pursue their hobbies and interests while still playing the role of caregiver to their kids. Blogger Chris Illuminati is a perfect example of the fact that stay-at-home parents can still have fun and live their lives to the fullest. Chris became a stay-at-home parent in 2010, and he admits that it has been fun-filled so far.

Mr. Illuminati started a blog aptly named Message With a Bottle, which provides a platform for sharing his parenting experiences with other stay-at-home mums and dads. His blog has gained immense popularity due to the approach that he takes towards raising his kids. Chris admits that the blog is among his passionate projects. His witty posts have seen him become a celebrity of sorts with many people regarding him as a super dad.

Social Media Celebrity

Chris took an unorthodox approach to parent by using Post-it notes to share his experiences via Instagram. His Instagram page is full of comical quotes from his children. He also regularly shares his perspectives on the beautiful chaos that typifies raising children. To Chris, parenting can be a sticky yet fulfilling business.
Chris began using Post-It notes and social media platforms to document and share his daily experiences when he had his first child. His witty perspectives on the daily struggles of parenting have seen him gain immense popularity, especially among stay-at-home parents. Even though Chris admits that sometimes he doesn’t take himself seriously, one can’t fail to unearth the adoration and love that he has towards his kids.

Chris not only does he share the hilarious and relatable messages that he leaves around his home on Post-It notes, but also reminders for himself and his partner. Some posts are succinct observations about parenting. What makes this super dad’s posts popular is perhaps the fact that he employs down-to-earth commentary, which most parents relate to. The use of casual misogyny is also prevalent in his posts. This is for mainly brought to light when he refers to his wife as “the permanent roommate” in one of his posts.

The Multi-Talented Dad

Apart from his burgeoning social media following, Chris is also an accomplished author and artist. He has published several books besides engaging his kids in drawing lessons at home. Mr. Illuminati is an embodiment of the fact that stay-at-home parents can still have fun and find humor in all the chaos that characterizes their homes. His posts are worth checking out by any parents who feel overwhelmed by the commotion of their kids.

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