They grace our living rooms almost daily just by appearing on our TV screens. We know their faces, but do you know the real net worth of these renowned TV presenters and hosts? Here is our list.

Oprah Winfrey – $2.9 Billion

The media giant and philanthropist is one of the highest paid TV hosts. She is known for hosting her talk show since 1986 until 2011, when she launched the new show on her Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). She is the first African-American multibillionaire with a stunning net worth of $2.9 billion.

What are you afraid of? Is it pitch blackness, clowns, ghost, being grabbed by something from behind? If these things scare you, then only look at the following images and their stories in the daylight.

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Underground cities are quite the phenomenon and they are a spectacle to watch. While many of them have become abandoned and obsolete hence being lost in history, thanks to renovations, some of them have become subterranean worlds drawing tourists from all over the world. Others have even become functional urban spaces where people live. These cities have thrived through the ages and still retain their awe and mystery, being shrouded in rumors and urban legends. Take a look at these underground cities from all over the world which you had no idea existed.

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain
This marvelous Spanish town isn’t actually underground, well at least not entirely, this is because the area is made up of several mountains and the residents built their houses right into the sides of the mountain. The town is carved directly into the stone walls with large rocks hanging above the houses making it ideal as a fort and it is believed it was used by the Roman Empire as such. It is also ideal to keep the houses cool during summer and warm during winter. The town is very much alive to date and it houses more than 3000 people.

We all have extra things that we do not need taking up space in the house. Most of this junk, we take them to the garage. However, everyone has a garage; it becomes a headache getting rid of this stuff. We can restore some things when we use creativity and make them reusable. This is the story of Sharon Ryder who transformed a dirty old cooler using her creative juices.

It was some time in summer, and Sharon’s roommate had just moved out. Therefore, she had nobody to help in clearing out her garage. Sharon decided to embark on a new project. She spotted a dirty old cooler that she had once used some years ago and decided it had not outlived its usefulness.

The mystery behind the dirty old cooler

Having decided not sort out stuff she did not need, she found some friends nearby to help her with the project. Here is what she discovered; she could use less than $50 to restore the cooler. This would sound absurd to anyone as such repairs cost. However, Sharon decided to prove this possible.

Remember back in the day when teachers taught, and students took notes, and everyone went their way. Well, that does not happen anymore. These days, both students and teachers are engaged in some frisky afterschool activities with each other. Back in the day, teachers having sexual relationships with students were unheard of. However, teacher/student scandals are all over, some of these teachers are quite hot. Check out some of them!

1. Pamela Rogers Turner

Turner, 27 at the time, was a physical trainer and coach at Centertown Elementary. For some reason, she decided to establish a sexual relationship with one of the 13-year-old students. During the relationship that lasted about three months, it involved sexual encounters. The two even had sex at the gymnasium.

In 2005, Turner was accused of 5 counts of sexual battery by someone in authority and 13 counts of statutory rape. She was sent to jail for eight years but only served nine months. When she was let go in 2006, she contacted her victim and began sending him explicit images and texts. She was arrested once more and sent to jail for two more years.

For a community founded on principles of simple living, a rejection of modern technology, and a reclusive existence isolated from the outside world, Amish life remains a pretty hot topic in mainstream society. From reality television to horror movies, the people of this cloistered community have become subjects of endless fascination within modern society, and Amish spectatorship is all but an American pastime. You may know the basics of Amish culture, but there are many surprising twists to this quiet lifestyle.

1. Happy Families Are All Alike… And So Are Inbred Ones

One byproduct of such a close-knit community: inbreeding. Descended from just 200 original founders, the Amish community today could use a little fresh blood. Due to this lack of variation in the gene pool, the Amish have much higher rates of genetic disorders and infant mortality. Yep, the Amish all are one big, happy family. Literally.

A police officer went beyond the call of duty when he saved a baby that was facing certain death. It was suspected that the baby had been abandoned by the mother in a dumpster for fear of not being able to provide for her. 25 years since the heroic action, the police officer is reunited with the founding.

Calls from locals
Locals made a call to the local police station after they heard sounds that resembled those of a crying infant. It happened that this officer was on duty at the police station. Upon receiving the call, the officer hurried to the scene to see what he could do to help.

There was wonder and amazement among social media users when news emerged of an inseparable friendship among a bear, lion, and tiger. They shared a past that was characterized by torture, a factor that gave birth to a happy friendship that lasted more than a decade. However, fate intervened and took one of them away forever, leading to an emotional farewell.

The interesting story began in 2001 when police were conducting a drug raid on a house in Atlanta. When they reached the basement, they found three caged animal cubs. The Cubs had been subjected to deplorable conditions, were underfed, underweight and were infested with parasites. The cages were also too small for the animals, subjecting them to further abuse.