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California Nanny Rescues Little Boy From A Nightmare In His Kitchen


California Nanny Rescues Little Boy From A Nightmare In His Kitchen


Working Parents

David William and his wife beautiful Magdalene are a young Californian couple who live in the majestic city of Oakland, together with their lively two-year-old son, Josh.  They both work fulltime, David as real estate agent and Magdalene as a corporate lawyer.

Perfect Nanny

These two responsible working parents, decided to hire a nanny, who would look after little Josh when they were away at work.  The William’s were looking for an all rounded nanny who could prepare delicious healthy meals for Josh, do laundry, bathe him, and safely care for him while keeping him in check.

Nanny Extraordinaire

After a few phone calls, emails and interviews, the Williams were lucky to land the most industrious nanny, Elizabeth Frost. She was caring, sympathetic, hardworking and a perfect cook. She was also able to lovingly keep Josh in check. What they didn’t know is that she was also a superhero.

Creepy House

One warm summer morning, Elizabeth took the toddler to the park, after going to the farmers market to buy fresh vegetables, and Josh’s favorite fruits, peaches. By 3.00 pm, they were heading back to their posh residence in Oakland. But before she could even offload the groceries from the family’s car, she had a creepy feeling that something was not right about the house.

Something’s Amiss

When Elizabeth stepped into the house through the front door she had a hair-raising moment and she could instantly tell all was not well, but she couldn’t point a finger at exactly what it was. Just as she was about to dash out to find Josh, the little boy came sprinting behind her and went past her straight into the house. She implored him to come out to her.

Trespasser Alert

At that very moment, her worst dream came to reality. She heard a loud bang followed by hurried footsteps pounding the stairs.  She was sure that David and his wife were still away at work, and she was scared stiff. She dashed into the house at lightning speed to grab little Josh.

Safe Josh

Little Josh was heading for the toy basket, probably to pick up his favorite wooden train. Elizabeth plunged forward quickly grabbing the child. She picked him up swiftly and ran towards the front door. She headed straight for the gate.

Adrenaline Rush

She didn’t have time to open it. With her adrenaline at work, she jumped over the white picket fence, missing it by a whisker, into the neighbors’ front yard. She hysterically banged on their door. Luckily, the door slammed open and she went straight in and together with the neighbors, they dialed the police. She didn’t know that the worst was yet to come

 Caught On Camera

Luckily for the William’s, their house was under CCTV Cameras surveillance. When David returned home, he found out his home had been invaded by a burglar. His first instinct was to rush to the CCTV. What he saw scared the life out of him.

Burglar Inside

The home invader didn’t realize that his every move was under surveillance. He could be seen on the footage walking around the house before settling for the couple’s bedroom which remained open. He sat comfortably on the edge of the bed as he reached out to open the bedside drawers.

Got Lucky

In sheer luck, Elizabeth had a few weeks earlier, loaned her favorite pearl to a friend to attend a wedding. Previously, the string of pearls had been sitting in that drawer for years. He was evidently disappointed not to find anything valuable, other than piles of papers and a novel. From the footage, he could be seen hitting the drawer continuously with his knuckles. He headed for the closet.

The Raid

The home invader could be seen throwing clothes and shoes all over the floor. He turned the whole closet inside out looking for some valuables. He picked a few shirts and two pairs of David’s shoes and stuffed them into his backpack. The thief was extremely thorough, being careful not to miss any valuables. He left the room and went straight to the child’s room.

Not Josh

It was chilling for David to see him in Josh’s room. “I can’t believe this!” he exclaimed, “He is in my baby’s room!” He looked around and left without touching a thing. David observed how lucky Elizabeth and Josh were not to have encountered him to his face. When Elizabeth opened the front door, the intruder decided it was time to make a move.

The Escape

The housebreaker ran towards the kitchen, and made a dash through the back door, as seen on the footage. He ran straight down towards the road and walked away briskly unfazed by what had just happened. He got away from the police who took a few minutes to arrive. They, however, got a clear picture of him, a strongly built middle-aged African-American male with a blue backpack.

The Accomplice

For the entire time that the home invader was in David’s residence, it could be seen from the CCTV footage that he was on his phone. It was clear that he was in cohorts with someone who was guiding him on what to do.

The skylight

By watching the footage, it was clear to David that more could have been done to make his home more secure. The home invader could be seen mounting a ladder, which had been left outside, to gain entry through the skylight on the side of the roof.

No Security

The fact that the burglar walked in the neighborhood unnoticed, and even gained forced entry into David’s house in broad daylight, shows that there was a serious security breach. “I no longer feel secure in my own home,” David said.  “It is clear that we are not safe here anymore” he reiterated.

The Award

Elizabeth was a bit shaken but was glad that she didn’t get to face the burglar. It is still hard to imagine what would have happened if she had got any closer. It terrified David that the burglar broke in when Elizabeth and Josh were in. Elizabeth was applauded for her brave act. She could have easily run leaving the child behind.


To many people, especially David and Magdalene, Elizabeth is a superhero who saved their son. But to Elizabeth, it was just a normal working day, and she was carrying out her normal duties, to keep Josh safe. Elizabeth is willing to continue doing her work despite the unfortunate incident, and the Williams are happy to have her as part of their family.

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