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Underground cities are quite the phenomenon and they are a spectacle to watch. While many of them have become abandoned and obsolete hence being lost in history, thanks to renovations, some of them have become subterranean worlds drawing tourists from all over the world. Others have even become functional urban spaces where people live. These cities have thrived through the ages and still retain their awe and mystery, being shrouded in rumors and urban legends. Take a look at these underground cities from all over the world which you had no idea existed.

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain
This marvelous Spanish town isn’t actually underground, well at least not entirely, this is because the area is made up of several mountains and the residents built their houses right into the sides of the mountain. The town is carved directly into the stone walls with large rocks hanging above the houses making it ideal as a fort and it is believed it was used by the Roman Empire as such. It is also ideal to keep the houses cool during summer and warm during winter. The town is very much alive to date and it houses more than 3000 people.